Did you know Australia Grows Cocoa?

Since cocoa growing is fairly new in Australia, perhaps you still don’t know about its existence, but the Daintree forest is flourishing the most indulged fruit in the world.

Made in Australia, from cocoa grown in tropical Far North Queensland by Australian farmers. Daintree Estates chocolate is the first commercially produced chocolate in the world to be made from cocoa grown in Australia.

Daintree Estates Chocolates is proudly Environmentally Friendly too. "Daintree Estates and Australian famers recognise that the spectacular flavours and properties in our chocolate and cocoa products are partly due to the unique ecosystem of the Daintree region. We respect the land and only use environmentally safe practices in growing and harvesting our fruit."

We all know how important chocolate is to the world. Its good for you, full of vitamins and antioxidants, and luckily keep us happy as it helps our bodies to produce oxytocin! That might be the main reason why its everyones favourite desert.

Nevertheless, the utmost single reason for all this work is Australia has began walking the path to cocoa sustainability. Thanks to Daintree Estates chocolates founders and team, our incredibly hard working farmers and strong community support.

Today, we are proud to see on the menu of fine restaurants, 5 star hotels, and on the shelves of fine retailers, the Daintree Estates Chocolate products. Experiencing Australians 70% Dark, Milk or Organic dark chocolate, its indeed, unforgettable!

Taste the difference of a first world plantation. The cocoa is blended with pure raw sugar from the same region, which balances the high cocoa content with a subtle taste to the final flavour.

Our team is also excited to launch the new 100 grm bar this month, that will rock you out of your verandah!

Signature Dark 70%

Signature Milk 45%

Pink Lake Salt from Barengi Gaijin Land, Pink Lake near Mt Zero, WA

Bush Mint, Natural Australian Bush Mint

Lemon Myrtle

Ground Australian Coffee Beans

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