Welcome to our first Recipe blog! The World Wide Web is full of wonderful recipes, but realistically, its an art to be able to read recipes properly, or better saying, read in between the lines to get them right.Read More

Did you know Australia Grows Cocoa?

Since cocoa growing is fairly new in Australia, perhaps you still don’t know about its existence. Believe it or not, our luscious Daintree forest is flourishing the most indulged fruit in the world.Read More

We believe caring for the environment is crucial at Belgian Delights, and are committed to reducing carbon emissions, as well as recycling where possible. Many of our clients are also dedicated to minimising landfill by recycling, and often ask us for tips on how to recycle the styrofoam boxes in which we ship our chocolates, to maintain condition while in transit.Read More

New Truffle Boxes


We have a new range of truffle boxes for several of our popular truffle lines that we’re sure you’ll love, as much as we do. This is the start of our packaging re-branding process.Read More

At Belgian Delights we are 100 percent customer focused and dedicated to improving all facets of our business to achieve this goal more successfully. Some of the steps we have taken to streamline our wholesale and retail business operations, as well as improve the user experience, include the introduction of a new company website, updating branding on our packaging, and providing a flat rate fee for shipping. We are also in the process of renewing our brochures, in order to assist you in finding out more about our product lines and the numerous services we offer.Read More