Our Story

Belgian Delights is a business inspired by a passion sustained through three generations, to create exquisite handmade Belgian style couverture chocolates to be shared and enjoyed. The Verstreken family’s enthusiasm for chocolate initially began in Belgium with Pierre Verstreken, a baker, chocolatier and patissier. Pierre taught his son Robert the skills that would enable him to continue with the family heritage, to create the finest quality chocolates and baked goods. Following in his father’s footsteps Robert used his expertise to open a bakery, patisserie and chocolaterie with his wife Monique in Hoevenen, near Antwerp, in 1971.

Robert and Monique immigrated to Australia in 1987 and opened a specialty chocolate and pastry shop, where they sold their goods to local retail and wholesale clients. The couple has two sons, Dominique and Christophe, who returned to Belgium in the 90’s to learn the chocolate trade in the authentic Belgian way.

In 1996 the family started conching (making) their own premium Belgian style couverture chocolate, using traditional equipment sourced from Europe and superior quality cacao beans, as well as other premium ingredients. The variety of lines available, ranging from personalised, individually wrapped couverture chocolates, through to boxes of decadent assorted truffles, proved popular with retail and wholesale customers alike.

As business continued to grow, Robert, Monique and their sons Dominique and Christophe had a chocolate factory custom-designed and built in Molendinar in 2000, to fulfil the growing needs of their business and clientele base.

By the late 2000s the Molendinar chocolate factory become HACCP certified and the Verstreken family had upgraded their equipment for faster production and wrapping times, surpassing many other Australian specialty chocolate manufacturers with the innovative equipment installed.

In 2009 Belgian Delights began selling their authentic Belgian style chocolate lines both nationally and internationally online. The Molendinar retail and wholesale chocolate business continues to grow, staying true to the Verstreken family’s traditional chocolate making heritage.